About us

Frank developed BioHarmonizing as an approach to harmonize our lives, to live them joyfully for the benefit all.

Frank is a Dharma instructor, life-coach, well-being facilitator, advaitan, being in becoming, Hay House blogger. He has been coaching and working in eCommunication since late 1995.

His first book, “A course in happiness” offers tools to assess one’s well-being, and approaches to live a happier, purpose-driven and flourishing life. The book was published in 2011. More than 90,000 copies of the author’s books have been downloaded on Amazon Kindle. It has been Top One Rated Overall (fiction and non-fiction) book on Amazon Kindle in April 2012, Top One Rated book for Mental Health since March 2012, and also Top One Rated book for Self-Help since April 2012. His first book, distributed for free online as “Happiness Formulas”, has been downloaded over 100,000 times (as April 2012).

His second book, “BioHarmonizing“, enables reader to:
– expand  awareness, using ten simple pointers
– understand what matters, by inquiring intovalue and real priorities
– act on what matters
– improve resiliency
– understand that very little, if anything, is determined. And that a lot is influenced by all beings and the way we interact with each-other and our ecosystem
– boost energy, by feeding body and mind what they benefit from, and leveraging natural super-foods

And it facilitates a lifelong journey in presence.

He facilitates the “Eckhart Tolle Vancouver Gatherings” and, as BC Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, hosts the “Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God” gatherings in British Columbia. He has been creating awareness about inspirational pointers, strategical, tactical, assessment and outreach tools to facilitate living a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. He is a speaker at local and international events.

Frank lived “la dolce vita” in the peacefulness of his native, pristine Italian small town, where he read about spirituality, Eastern/pre-Socratic/Latin philosophy, and started to practice meditation. Until he started to travel and, in less than 10 years, visited over 30 countries and 80 cities, cultivating personal/professional development living in Italy, London, USA, Malta, Estonia. He now settled in beautiful British Columbia. During his travels, he familiarized with different cultures and way of living. And understood we are all on the same boat, figuring out what matters for us in life and how to life happily. He noticed there is often little correlation between how “society” defines a happy life and how happy each person really feels. He researched about well-being, both in empirical ways and leveraging existing peer-reviewed studies.

He built and managed the first European social network devoted to peace. He started to blog about spirituality in 2006, and has been blogging on AmAreWay.org since 2009. This blog is a popular destination for personal development and well-being; it ranks (source: Amazon Alexa, as April 2012) among the top 4k websites in Canada, and top 5k in Italy.