Aided BioHarmonizing

External tools, sources and techniques can facilitate harmonizing your life. However, they cannot determine it. They can help you with BioHarmonizing, but they do not cause it.

This is just an overview of tools I use to facilitate BH. They proved safe and effective to me. However, before you use them, please consult a specialist to ensure they are compatible with your current lifestyle. Here you get an overview of Aided BioHarmonizing.

BioHarmonizing session: a one-on-one, one hour session, where the clients are facilitated in becoming more aware on what matters for them, act upon such awareness and be attentive to the consequences. It can employ other Aided BioHarmonizing tools to support the process.

BioHarmonizing group: a group of peers, with a facilitator but no leader, meet to harmonize their lives and facilitate fellow beings in their path to now here. It can employ other Aided BioHarmonizing tools to support the process.

BioHarmonizing meditation: to facilitate stillness and resiliency.

Harmonize brainwaves: using monaural, binaural and isochronic sounds to harmonize brainwave frequencies to an intended brain-state, and to harmonize activity in the two hemispheres of the brain. While brainwaves harmonization brings some of the outcomes common to meditation, if you meditate, keep doing it!

Harmonize your heart: to facilitate relaxation, awareness and skillful action in your life.
Harmonize your chakras: chakras are energy centers in your body. They are always open, otherwise you would not be alive. However, some centers may become hyperactive, at the expenses of other chakras. In some cases, you can really feel that people are connecting with the outside world only through one or two chakras. That’s easier to see when you have two people interacting with each other, and one is very physical, and the other lost in her/his mind. Chakras can be harmonized with energy healing. With sounds, following a tradition dating back to the Pythagorean schools in the ancient Greek colonies in south Italy. Etc.

Harmonize your body: by taking “super-foods” like Moringa Oleifera. Quoting Dr. Oz, who featured Moringa tea on his TV show: “The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree […] are extremely nutrient-dense. They contain three times more iron than spinach and are loaded with tons of other vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium, as well as powerful antioxidants”.
By using powerful components provided by our Earth, like Dead Sea salt and mud which are beneficial for our skins.

Using essential oils and incense to harmonize our minds.

Please note that none of these BioHarmonizing facilitators is to be considered necessary. And they are not a substitute for the inner BioHarmonizing. They are here to help. It is not enough to relay on them to harmonize your life, without any commitment on your side. Your awareness and intention are required.